What can I expect?

The first step is to have an hour long consultation where questions can be asked and answers explored. There is no obligation to take things further as it may be you would like to look at other options. However once you agree to start doing the work there is an expectation that you will attend regularly and give fair warning of any changes to the plan. Usually the meetings are weekly, although sometimes people feel the need for more support so they may come twice a week to start with. There is flexibility in what we do, so that is something we would discuss at the first meeting.

 My part is to be empathetic, accepting and supportive. Gestalt therapy is founded upon the commitment to 'walk alongside' the client without judgment or prejudice. In helping you understand yourself we can  move beyond the problems, re-engaging fully with life and with each other - this fundamental shift in outlook becomes the source of healing.

Gestalt is a 'long form' therapy, meaning we do not time-limit the help we give. It will last as long as the client wishes to come.