Is Therapy For Me?

If you have been struggling with issues such as anxiety, depression, bereavement, compulsive behaviour, intrusive self-critical thoughts as well as a host of other issues then therapy could help you.

I provide a safe space to explore these concerns and in doing this I help people re-establish contact with their own true nature. In finding this new way of seeing themselves and the world around them anxieties and fears can be addressed and a healthier balance can begin to be explored.

I also offer counselling and therapy to children and young people. As a former secondary school teacher and Senior Examiner with Edexcel I work with teenagers who are struggling with exam anxiety, self-doubt and toxic peer-pressure. My understanding of the educational system and the expectations placed on young people lets me help them navigate this stressful time, helping them realise their potential.

Finding the right therapist for you may feel a little daunting. It’s a little like searching online for a new sofa: it may look the bee’s knees, but until you try it you’ll never know for sure if it’s right for you.

Well, I may come under the category “pre-loved’, but as the father of three grown up girls and with a varied background in TV, teaching and music I have an unusual and varied set of experiences to draw on. Hopefully I have gained a little wisdom and a lot of humility along the way. One thing I do know is that I love listening to people’s life-stories.

Before  training as a psychotherapist at the Gestalt Centre Wales in Chepstow I was a film editor, composer, secondary school teacher, and singing coach. It was while working with singers that I became fascinated by the way our minds work. So many clients had been told they couldn’t sing or 'weren’t as good as so-and-so', but in later life they still felt that urge to sing. Unlocking their true voice was a unique challenge, like working out a Chinese puzzle box, difficult maybe, but always possible.

Gestalt therapy draws on similar skills, listening and engaging with clients in a way that fits their needs and helps them find a clearer sense of who they are and what they want.

Fees are:

£50 per 1 hour weekly session.